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In this practical and in-depth look at current marketing trends in the cannabis space, three experts in the field discussed what’s working (and what isn’t), with use cases, best practices, and strategies for success. 

Can Cannabis Provide a Pathway to Psychedelic Reform?

GENOMICS: The Short Path from Cannabis Research to Product Launch

Patient Perspective: Rylie Maedler: Teen Entrepreneur From Patient Advocate to CEO

Global Perspective: Navigating the International Cannabis Supply Chain

Industry Perspective 8 Weeks Later: Has Cannabis Stayed Strong?

Israel 360 Virtual Tour: A Deep Dive into the Israeli Cannabis Ecosystem

Industry Tech Perspective: Advancements in Cannabis Extraction

International Perspective: What is a “Novel Food” and How Does CBD Play in the UK Market?

CEO Perspective: Retailing Topical CBD. Join us for a discussion and plenty of Q&A with experts Perry Antelman of Abacus Health Products.

In the current climate, can cannabis move from illegal to essential? Is this an opportunity to accelerate legalization for global cannabis? Join us for a discussion and plenty of Q&A with experts Bob Hoban & Shabnam Malek.

There is an entire system in our bodies that interacts with cannabis. It helps regulate key functions of the body, including mood, metabolism, stress, learning and memory, sleep, immunity and pain. It’s called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and many people either don’t know it exists or don’t know how it works.

To learn more abour your ECS, join experts Dr. Robin Ely and Dr. Mark Braunstein for a free webinar.

On March 30 our financial panel experts were optimistic about the cannabis industry, calling it “recession resistant” (Codie Sanchez) and reminding us that “…cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the world”. (David Hess). Panelists shared their current investment strategies, long term outlooks and advice for weathering the crisis.

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