The CannaTech experience is taking to the open road. We have created a full day of incredible touring to some of the most iconic and historic sights in Israel’s center.

Our VIP package includes an exclusive experience at an award winning winery, a private tour of one of the most prolific cannabis manufacturers in Israel, a food tour of Jerusalem’s famed farmer’s market (the “shuk”), an in depth look at the Old City of Jerusalem; an insider’s view of some of the holiest spots in the world.

Our tour culminates with our signature CannaTech dinner party. Dinner. Drinks. Music, Outstanding vibe. Epic experience.

You will meet some iconic Israeli characters, network with industry leaders on their turf, tour ancient holy sites, and experience local flavor in all its glory. And if you’ve never seen Israel in the spring, prepare to be delighted.

We are pulling out all the stops and offering an unforgettable, close up experience of the Holy Land few tourists get the opportunity to discover in a single day.

*We cap this event at 100 people. Make sure you get yours while you can!