Israeli Medical Cannabis Innovation

Israeli Medical Cannabis Innovation

With a deep well of agrotechnological prowess and entrepreneurial spirit to draw from, Israel has rapidly become a global medical cannabis industry leader. Each of the country’s Ministry of Health approved cannabis farms and production facilities have developed proprietary medical products, contributing to the global ecosystem and offering relief to patients. Furthermore, with dozens of start-ups focusing on medical cannabis solutions and the recent parliamentary approval of cannabis exports, Israel is propelling this rapidly expanding ecosystem into the future.

Today CannaTech would like to feature some of Israel’s most innovative medical cannabis start-ups. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, these are some of the country’s pioneering medical cannabis companies. The companies featured fall broadly into two main areas:

Novel Delivery Systems

Alvit LCS Pharma: Providing “farm-to-table” medical cannabis solutions, Alvit is a vertically integrated company specializing in medical grade cannabis cultivation and the development of novel delivery systems for medical indications, including sublingual tablets, patches, colonics, sprays, and suppositories.

Pharmocann:  Develops and produces medical cannabis, with a focus on research and development of unique, targetted cannabis strains. Pharmocann also produces standardized, validated, medical cannabis products, including oils, ointments, tablets, inhalers, rectal and vaginal suppositories. The company’s latest developments include hydrogel products for the treatment of pain, acute dermatological diseases, and inflammatory bowel diseases.

Syqe Medical: A pocket-sized medical cannabis inhaler providing precise dosage to patients with the capability of remote administration by physicians The inhaler utilizes advanced technology to optimize adherence and efficacy monitoring. Syqe inhaler is currently used at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital with the approval of the Health Ministry, making it the first hospital in the world to prescribe cannabis as a standard medical treatment.

VapePod: Kanabo Research is a medical cannabis research and development company providing solutions for the medical cannabis industry. Kanabo’s proprietary medical cannabis extracts focus on sleep disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder, and are specially formulated for vaporization with the medically certified VapePod vaporizer platform. The product is approved as a medical device by the Israeli Ministry of Health – making it the world’s first approved vaporizer for medical use.

Biota Ltd: Biota Ltd develops and commercializes innovative bioadhesive technologies and products. Biota’s proprietary oral mucoadhesive AlgiFilm filmstrips are a versatile and precise drug-delivery system, making it an ideal delivery platform for medical cannabis. The disintegration time of the filmstrips can be modulated from less than one minute to a few hours and provides advantages such as taste-masking and improved bioavailability.

Brainose: An aerosolized nose-to-brain delivery system for cannabis-derived therapeutics specialized for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) indications. Localization in the olfactory epithelium results in better absorption, ensuring precise, efficient, safe, and reproducible medical cannabis dosing. Brainose is currently developing a pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid-based therapy with a focus on pain management for FDA and CE approval in the U.S. and Europe.

Ag-tech and Growing Solutions

LEAF: This app-operated grow box uses machine learning technology to optimize yield and efficiency. The system automatically monitors and controls lighting, temperature, and humidity, and adjusts growing conditions, including delivering fertilizer, to create an optimal growing environment. The LEAF grow box is a complete plant growth solution ideally suited to medical cannabis.

Seedo (Eroll Grow Tech, ltd.): The world’s first fully-automated grow device designed specifically for cannabis. The hermetic system automatically self-adjusts according to each plant’s growth stage for maximum yield in minimal space. An included mobile app lets users monitor and control the growing processes.

HiGrade: Plant testing device and analytics application for the medical cannabis industry. Through the use of machine learning technology, users can quickly identify the quality, strain, and other critical traits of their plants. Simply snap a photo of the plant with the device attached and HiGrade’s patent-pending algorithms detect the plant’s status including potency, diagnostics, and harvest-readiness. HiGrade transforms any smartphone into a powerful microscope with the analytical abilities of a trained agronomist.

Indorz: Indoor cannabis farming data solution that predicts, analyzes, and automates the grow process to maximize yield and quality. Optimizes medical cannabis product consistency by providing a stable, scalable and replicable platform. Accessible on any mobile device, the system’s dashboard provides full control over any grow operation from anywhere in the world.

RCK: Licensed cannabis cultivation and development company, breeding repeatable and stable hybrid cannabis seeds. With the use of proprietary technologies, RCK produces elite hybrid seeds with precise cannabinoid profiles. RCK’s unique facility houses an active R&D laboratory dedicated to cultivating advanced medical cannabis strains for broad treatment applications.

CannaTech connects medical cannabis thinkers, influencers, and industry leaders from around the globe to accelerate medical cannabis innovation. The Israeli companies featured above are some of the best examples of this innovation: with groundbreaking plant science and advanced technology, these pioneering start-ups are improving the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of medical cannabis.

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