WATCH: ILTV Studio Interview With Saul Kaye: Inside Israel’s Cannabis Research and Industry.

Israel has been at the forefront of the world’s burgeoning cannabis industry, since the discovery of the THC molecule by Professor Mechoulam in Israel back in 1964. Since those early days, the cannabis industry has bloomed, paving the way for scientists, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs alike to stake their claim in what many have called the “Green Rush.” Internationally the cannabis industry is worth around $20bn (£15.5bn) and is forecast to reach $100bn by 2020.

How has Israel continued to blaze new frontiers in cannabis medicine?

Saul Kaye, founder of iCAN;israel-cannabis, the driving force behind CananTech – an International event designed to accelerate innovation in cannabis, sits down with ITLV for a frank look at the cannabis industry in Israel today. What has Israel done right in terms of removing stigma? What can we learn from Israel’s regulatory environment and what can we learn about Israel’s recent moves to decriminalize cannabis?

All that and more in the video below.


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