ICYMI: Our 2019 CannaTech Pitch Contenders

ICYMI: Our 2019 CannaTech Pitch Contenders

CannaTech Tel Aviv 2019 was an absolute sensation, and we are already looking to Cape Town for our next big event. One of the highlights of any CannaTech conference is getting to know up-and-coming cannabis businesses at our Live Pitch competition. From original concept to market maven, we are proud to showcase and support emerging cannabis companies by giving a select group of outstanding start-ups the main stage to pitch their decks. At this year’s CannaTech Tel Aviv we were completely blown away by the articulate presenters and innovative products being pitched. In fact, we were so impressed that we’d like to profile each of the Live Pitch companies for those who weren’t able to attend. So, without further ado, let’s start with the winners:

Kassi Labs

Maya Glogowski, COO and Investor Relations at Kassi Labs, had the audience riveted as she pitched the company’s Smart Cannabis Hub. This revolutionary storage device maintains optimal conditions for cannabis freshness and potency, and makes monitoring, tracking, dispensing, and procuring medical cannabis accessible to everyday patients. Kassi is equipped for advanced data collection, offering accurate, real-time, shareable dispensing history, automated reminders and personal recommendations. With easy-to-use app compatibility, Kassi keeps clients connected to their cannabis.


CannaTech Tel Aviv’s Live Pitch runner-up, Replennabis, is an all-natural, cannabis-based hangover solution for the modern consumer. Enriched with CBD extract, essential vitamins and minerals, Replennabis uses science to effectively alleviate symptoms of excessive drinking, including headache and nausea. Replennabis helps you replenish, revitalize, and get back to life by replacing lost nutrients and restoring electrolytes.    


MMJGRIND’s booth at CannaTech was super popular, and attendees were further impressed by the company’s engaging Live Pitch presentation. This innovative product is a medical-grade cannabis grinder designed to keep product free from contaminants such as mold, toxins, and chemicals. Without consistent oversight, cannabis paraphernalia may be a hidden hazard to medical cannabis users. Preparing cannabis for consumption often involves grinding the flower either by hand or with a grinder designed for that purpose, however, currently available grinders are susceptible to contamination. MMJGRIND’s medical grade grinder is constructed from FDA approved and USP CLASS-VI tested material chosen for its BIO-COMPATIBILITY with cannabis. This patented technology prevents contamination and ensures quality control of cannabis medicine. MMJGRIND: easy to grip, easy to maintain, pure medicine. 


DSI’s unique vapor platform is the most effective and safest cannabinoid inhalation delivery method available today.  With dual convection and conduction precision heating technology method, DSI offers zero combustion, precision dosage control, and advanced data collection to optimize medical cannabis treatment. Using proprietary disposable, traceable pods for cannabis oil or flower, DSI personalizes the consumption experience and collects pertinent data through the device’s biometric cloud system and feedback platform for patients and physicians. With every device, and every inhale, from every user, DSI compiles the world’s most comprehensive data on cannabis consumption and effects. This important data can, in turn, be leveraged to improve course of treatment, analyze usage patterns, and track product quality.


One of the main challenges facing cannabis production is crop monitoring and plant quality control. At CannaTech Tel Aviv 2019, 3nitor pitched a comprehensive crop quality monitoring platform that is revolutionizing medical cannabis cultivation. Leveraging machine learning and AI, 3nitor optimizes yield by enabling early detection of stress, disease and pests that can damage the plant while monitoring environment, plant growth and development. 3nitor’s patent-pending automated quality control system makes plant inspection and data acquisition simple and scalable, while the platform’s AI accurate analysis and prediction gives cannabis growers critical insights to improve yield and plant quality.


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