Rylie Maelder: The Youngest CEO in Cannabis and CannaTech Alum on May 25 Webinar

Rylie Maelder: The Youngest CEO in Cannabis and CannaTech Alum on May 25 Webinar

When Rylie Maedler addresses an audience there’s rarely a dry eye left in the room. By the end of her story, Rylie has gotten under your skin, into your heart and settled in your memory. Rylie was scheduled to be with us in Tel Aviv, but with the event being delayed, we wanted to catch up with her and see how she’s doing and what initiatives she’s taken on since we saw her six months ago in Cape Town. Rylie will address the CannaTech community on a webinar on May 25. 

If you’ve never heard Rylie’s story, you need to. It’s the kind of patient story that you never forget. When Rylie was 7 years old, she was diagnosed with aggressive bone tumors in her facial bones. Her mother, Janie, learned about the efficacy of cannabis oil against cancer and decided it might help minimize her bone tumors and prevent a recurrence. Against the doctors’ advice, and without their knowledge, Janie got her hands on full-spectrum cannabis oil, and using it, Rylie defied everyone’s expectations and her smile returned!

a before and after of Rylie Maedler

When she was 12 years old and tumor-free, Rylie changed the face of Delaware’s cannabis legality by advocating for pediatric cannabis legislation. She tackled a seemingly impossible job. She was persistent and persuasive when tasked to convince legislators who were strictly committed to voting “no” to legalize medical cannabis for pediatrics. Her initiative, which originated as a handwritten letter sent to Delaware legislators, materialized into a bill, called Rylie’s Law, that passed unanimously. 

rylie speaking at the Delaware Health Committee to introduce her Senate Bill that would legalize MMJ

Mom Janie explains, “Legislators don’t know what the truth is, and they think about cannabis as something completely negative… We explain to them that it’s about the life of a child, your daughter, or your son. We ask them to consider ‘what if cannabis was your only option’? Then they begin to understand”. 

And then Rylie jokes, “Everybody needs a near-death experience to believe in it.”

the signing of Rylie's Law into law

“Right before Rylie’s Law was signed in June 2015, I asked for a foundation to help other kids,” Rylie added.

Today, Rylie’s focus with her team is to supply quality medical full-spectrum cannabis oil to all generations looking for holistic relief of various debilitating health conditions. Rylie has chosen specific targets that her team agrees are lacking in research and need to be pushed to the forefront. Janie mentioned that “one of Rylie’s biggest goals is to make cannabis oils that are of the highest quality and affordable, or even free, to all families with sick children.” Through her 501(c)3 charity, Rylie’s Smile Foundation, advocates for pediatric patients and educates families about alternative treatment options for their children. A couple of years ago we wrote this piece about her. 

In November 2019, Rylie joined CannaTech in Cape Town where she won the crowd over talking about her mission. As she’s gotten older and wiser, Rylie’s taken on the needs of particular children who reach out to her and put her resources and experience to work for them. With a wide-eyed smile, Rylie said, “when you go through something that changes your life, it makes you feel like you have to give back. I want to help. I like making people happy.”  Register for Rylie’s webinar May 25.

Click here to watch Rylie’s CannaTech Cape Town presentation.

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