CannaTech proud to sponsor Fighters for Life Gala

CannaTech proud to sponsor Fighters for Life Gala

This March, you have the opportunity to support a tremendous non-profit organization before the CannaTech conference begins. We at CannaTech are proud to partner with Fighters for Life (Lohamim L’chaim) at their Gala event on March 18.

Fighters for Life is a non-profit organization created to support soldiers who suffer from PTSD and to accompany them in all areas of their life. The association supports and finances the medical and legal processes necessary for soldiers and veterans with post-traumatic disorder and combat stress. Their work gives these soldiers the recognition they deserve and helps them access their basic rights to which they are legally entitled.

“Having immigrated to Israel more than 20 years ago and not having the privilege to serve in the IDF – I am so grateful that I and CannaTech can support Lohamim L’chaim,” said iCAN Israel Cannabis CEO Saul Kaye said. “We have a responsibility to our soldiers who have served and suffered. It is our duty to care for them when they get out of the army. Cannabis can bring relief to thousands who suffer from PTSD. We need to set an example to the world.”

The benefits of medical cannabis for PTSD are well documented. What is still left is to overcome the regulatory hurdles that stand in the way of the patients receiving medical cannabis as a part of their treatment plan. CannaTech is grateful to do play a small part in bringing these issues to forefront of the public’s awareness, and help influence and guide more compassionate and forward thinking policy.

Fighters for Life was founded in 2017 in response to the cry for help from IDF soldiers who were injured while defending the homeland and the nation during their military service.  Golani soldier Ido Gal Razon shared his heart wrenching cry for help in front of the Knesset in a committee designed to discuss the rights of IDF combatants injured during their military service in a turning point for the organization.

“The sights I saw and the feelings of guilt that I carry with me do not leave me; another heavy burden that I bear. I fought the battle and survived, but everyday life afterwards is my real battle,” Razon said. “Because of my injury and my personal story, I began a struggle for wounded soldiers. This is how Fighters for Life was born.”

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