The Humans of Medical Cannabis

The Humans of Medical Cannabis

We’ve UPDATED our Humans of Cannabis Initiative!! Here’s what’s new:


We are creating a video montage of images of real people, sharing their unique cannabis message.


Send us a photo of yourself, along with a very few words about what cannabis means/how it impacts to YOU.
Send images and text to: 


  • Please view the reference images below, and try and create a similar image.
  • Take a picture using a high quality cellphone camera or still camera.
  • Take a BLANK piece of paper, hold it up in front of you. 
  • Take picture in front of a solid color background.
  • You can choose to show your face, or, if you prefer not – cover your face with the page (see examples below).
    (Your name will NOT be displayed).
  • Send along a few words about what cannabis means to you.


After starting taking the oil I didn’t have to take the big bottle of pain medicine they had given me!



We speak about the financial impact of cannabis, and the innovation driving the industry forward. We feature the latest technology,  highlight the research, comment on public policy, collaborate about international regulations, we celebrate scientific discovery, and showcase the thought leadership that is shaping this market.  

We are proud to provide a platform that trumpets all of these contributions. 

There is another industry sector that we want to highlight…we want to shine a light on the people who have helped move medical cannabis to the light of day; the patients, their family members, treating physicians, advocates and advisors…the bedrock of this industry; the humans of medical cannabis.

We want to tell your story.

We are creating a digital initiative that will be displayed at our CannaTech global event this March in Tel Aviv. We want to introduce our global network of cannabis professionals to the faces of the people for whom they serve.

We want to bring your unique contributions to CannaTech.



Please help us by sharing this initiative on social.

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  1. My name is Rylie Maedler. I am now 12 years old. When I was 7 years old I was diagnosed with bone tumors. My whole family was very scared and my mom started researching everything she could to help me. Two weeks after my surgery to take away most of my tumor I started having tons of seizures also. I was scared and in so much pain. I thought I would never have a normal life again. My mom started giving me a medicine, that I learned was cannabis oil. My swelling and pain got better. I started to have more hope. My parents were relieved too because my seizures seemed to be getting less frequent. I had to get a lot of scans. My tumor team was shocked at how great my bones were healing and that I didn’t have as much pain as I should. After starting taking the oil I didn’t have to take the big bottle of pain medicine they had given me! The only bad part was that I could’t tell anyone why I felt better. 🙁 I felt so sad for other kids just like me, many sicker then me, that didn’t know about this oil and I couldn’t tell them. My mom said if we could get help from a Legislator to change the Law that we could tell people and help them. So that is what we did! My mom and I talked to one of our State Senators about what we were doing to help me get better. I was very scared that we would get in trouble but he said he would help us. I got to talk to LOTS of Legislators and I was very nervous but I was also very scared that if they decided not to make it legal my medicine would be taken away. So I needed to convince them for myself and other children too. They decided to make it legal in our state and they decided to call it Rylie’s Law! I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy!! I felt like they gave me my life and gave other children a chance to live too! I also started a non profit to help sick children “escape” from painful treatments, push for pediatric legislation & support research & education. My foundation has since passed a law so that kids can have their cannabis medicine in school and to add autism to our law. I don’t want any kids to feel like I did…that they will never have a normal life again. Today, I still have regular scans. This past December my scan was STABLE and I won’t need another for a whole year. My tumor team was extremely happy! My seizures are also under control right now too which my neurologist is very happy about. I have straight A’s on my report card and I am able to participate in extracurricular activities. I know that I will forever be a cannabis advocate and continue fight for sick children to have access to it.

    1. We know your story well Rylie! We ADORE you and are so proud of the amazing work you are doing! Thank you for commenting here and contributing to the campaign. We look forward to continuing to share your story. And, btw, it’s not just your medical team that is extremely happy…you’ve got fans all over the world who are tuning in and feeling very much a part of your journey. Blessings of continued good health to you sweet girl. xo Your CannaTech fans 😉

  2. Baby Irene was born in September 2015 in Athens, Greece. Within a few days of her birth, she was diagnosed with a very rare type of brain cancer (hemangiopericytoma or HPC). First time in Greece and 8th time in Europe… Baby Irene and her parents were moved from the maternity ward straight to the Children’s Hospital, where she was given very small chance of survival.

    Against all odds, on her 14th day Irene survived a major brain surgery where the biopsy took place. After spending a few weeks in Intensive Care and several more minor operations later (mainly to cure hydrocephalus), she started receiving chemotherapy. Αlongside Irene started using THC from her 40th day of life (2ml daily)

    She has proven to be a strong baby, overturning predictions and making us proud of her. Without the THC she wouldn’t be alive today…. Today she is 2,5 years old and still taking in a daily basis THC (smaller doses).

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