CAPE TOWN agenda

November 24-26, 2019 | V&A Waterfront

CannaTech is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of our global conferences. For the first time in Cape Town, when our guests bought tickets to CannaTech, they were able to opt-in to purchase a carbon offset neutralizing the environmental impact of their flights. These offset purchases have been transferred to the Giant Flag Project in South Africa. 

Thanks to our local partner Eyal Bigger, founder of the Good Energy Initiative, and Guy Lieberman, founder of the Giant Flag Project, CannaTech carbon offset purchases will be used to plant spekboom as part of the Giant Flag Project. Spekboom is an evergreen succulent indigenous to South Africa that is an environmental miracle worker with the potential to tackle carbon emissions.

The Giant Flag is a world-first green innovation project that celebrates the spirit of South Africa, her land and her people while bringing together job creation, clean energy and tourism. The Giant Flag project creates economic opportunities for vulnerable communities, honours our natural environment, and showcases the awesome creativity that South Africa brings to the world!
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