Nuuvera Corp
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Nuuvera Corp. is a global cannabis and industrial hemp conglomerate based in Toronto, Canada. With an active strategy in over 10 countries and a growing portfolio of cultivation, production and sales licenses, Nuuvera is establishing itself as the industry leader in low cost production and seed-to-sale solutions across legalized geographies.

Tikun Olam
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We are proud to present Tikun Olam Ltd., the first, largest and foremost supplier of medical Cannabis in Israel, and one of leading medical cannabis companies in the world. Since 2014 Tikun Olam has established relationships with Medreleaf of Canada, and then expanded its business to the US and established a subsidiary company Tikun Olam USA. In 2017 Tikun Olam announced cooperation with Medifarm of Australia, Queensland’s first medicinal cannabis growing licence.

The Beckley Foundation UK
The Beckley Foundation
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We are proud to introduce you to The Beckley Foundation. They are a UK-based think-tank and NGO founded and directed by Amanda Feilding. The Beckley Foundation’s purpose is to pioneer psychedelic research and drive evidence-based drug policy reform.

Prohibition Partners
Prohibition Partners
Prohibition Partners



Prohibition Partners is the leading source of intelligence and insight into the European market. Our work helps investors, entrepreneurs and regulators identify, understand and qualify the new opportunities in this emerging frontier.

We provide:
    • Unparalleled intelligence and insight with the most comprehensive research into the European market available anywhere.
    • Business consultancy including growth strategy, brand positioning and exit planning for both medical and recreational companies
    • Bespoke business case analysis including regulatory framework, stakeholder engagement, supply chain and consumption trends
    • M&A opportunities including joint ventures and strategic partnerships between European and American companies.


Therapix Biosciences

Specialty pharmaceutical company developing unique cannabinoid technologies for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.

Therapix Biosciences Ltd. (NASDAQTRPXTASETHXBY) is an emerging specialty pharmaceutical company which develops unique cannabinoid technologies for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) disorders.

Plant Consulting Group - offering comprehensive cannabis services to the global cannabis industry
Plant Consulting Group
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Plant Consulting Group is a team of highly trained professionals providing comprehensive services to the global and state cannabis industries.  With decades of practical, hands-on experience, Plant guides our clients through all aspects of the cannabis business, from cultivation to final products, with an emphasis on bringing a higher level of quality to the cannabis industry as a whole.  Plant consultants are leaders in their respective fields and have the educational and industry background required to help our clients navigate through the maze of scientific, policy and marketing challenges often unique to the cannabis industry and to ensure our clients succeed in this ever changing field.
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IMP manages all clinical supply chain activities: importation, sourcing, packaging, QP release, storage, distribution and destruction.

Comprehensive clinical supply management services are offered in a controlled, monitored, licensed and certified GMP facility by the Israeli Ministry of Health. IMP holds Manufacturer’s / Importer’s Authorization with in-house experienced QPs for the certification/re-certification of clinical supply.

General Cannabis Corporation
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General Cannabis Corporation is the comprehensive resource for the highest quality service providers available to the regulated Cannabis Industry.

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We are proud to introduce you to the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI). They are a Czech-based organization aimed at covering multiple areas of the cannabis study. This includes clinical and patient research, patient advocacy, and the creation of product safety protocols.

Dipstick Vapes
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Dipper is a touch-and-go device, eliminating the need for extra tools and messy loading. For the traditional vape pen experience, Quartz Crystal Atomizer for the best pen dab around.
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iCAN: Israel-Cannabis.com is the address for innovation and development in the cannabis space. We invest, build and showcase innovation in the cannabis field. iCAN is the proud "parent" of CannaTech.
Shwergold Aharonson & Co.
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Shwergold Aharonson & Co. is a boutique law firm, specializing in commercial, corporate and real-estate law, providing a one-stop-shop for clients’ business needs.

SALaw provides services in all aspects of business law, specializing in corporate structures, cross-border transactions, real-estate and finance solutions, dispute resolution and litigation.

MGC Pharma
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MGC Pharmaceuticals is a publicly traded (ASX: MXC) BioPharma company with a focus on Phytocannabinoid Medications. MGC Pharma has created a seamless, highly-supervised supply chain, from growing through to API level extraction, with global operations providing proprietary Phytocannabinoid formulations to companies, consumers, researchers and patients worldwide. MGC Pharma’s medications (currently in clinical trials) for treatment areas such as Neurology, Oncology and Palliative Care, are the company’s initial steps into registered pharmaceuticals with global distribution networks. With research activities in various fields in Europe, Australia and Israel, MGC Pharma intends to impact global health and wellness via the judicious use of Phytocannabinoid across multiple markets.

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With clinical data management, biostatistics and regulatory operations at our core, Bioforum offers life science organizations seamless services to help accelerate the clinical development process.

Our customized clinical data management and biostatistical services are designed specifically to meet each project requirements. We help clients comprehend the value of their clinical data by making it readily available for monitoring, analysis and ready for submission.


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Sowing the Future of Cannabis

Our aim is to be the most trusted cannabis company on the planet. We envision a healthier, wealthier and more verdant world in which the legality of cannabis, its accessibility and social support contribute to the vitality of people everywhere.


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A policy innovation hub that explores alternatives to current public policies relating to drugs.
tweeinot global leaders in cannabinoid biosynthesis
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Teewinot Life Sciences is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on the biosynthetic production of pure pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids. Teewinot has developed patent protected processes for production of pure cannabinoids by means of biocatalysis and synthetic biology. Teewinot has also developed patent protected cannabinoid formulation technology all with the goal of improving human therapies. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Teewinot manufactures and licenses technology to make cost-effective and pharmaceutically pure cannabinoids. We are an industry leader in support of advancing medical research and product development. Teewinot’s global technology and intellectual property represent a breakthrough in the creation and delivery of cannabinoid-based medicines.

4 Medicinal Purposes
4 Medicinal Purposes
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At 4MP we have reached into four medicinal purposes:


1).  Lifestyle
2).  Prevention
3).  Relief
4).  Potential Cures


For today, we focus on lifestyle, with our exclusive range of Hemp CBD food manufacture products and our boutique range of Hemp CBD food supplements and accompaniments.


For tomorrow, we are fully committed to developing innovative non psychotropic Hemp CBD foods, food supplements and medicinal cannabis products.

new frontier data
New Frontier
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New Frontier Data’s mission is to elevate the discussion around the legal cannabis industry globally by providing unbiased vetted information and educating stakeholders to make informed decisions.

CFN Media Group - creative agency and digital media network dedicated to the global cannabis markets
CFN Media
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CFN Media (media site CannabisFN.com) is the leading creative agency and digital media network dedicated to the global cannabis markets. We help marijuana-focused businesses and companies attract investors, capital, customers (B2B, B2C) and media attention. Private and public marijuana companies and brands in the US and Canada rely on CFN Media to grow and succeed. 

CFN launched in June of 2013 to initially serve the growing universe of publicly traded marijuana companies across North America. Today, CFN Media is also the digital media choice for the emerging global brands in the space.


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Kanabo Research is a biotech company pioneering cutting edge solutions in the medical cannabis industry. Kanabo brings together decades of experience in some of the most important fields revolutionizing the medical world; including extraction technologies, medical devices, delivery systems and more.
Kanabo’s mission is to provide turnkey solutions to licensed companies looking to expand their product offering, generate new revenue streams and learn the most advanced technologies developed in Israel’s centers of R&D excellence.
United Patients Alliance
United Patients Alliance
Visit United Patients AllianceThe United Patients Alliance provides compassionate campaigning, tireless advocacy and essential education for medical cannabis patients. The Alliance aims include:

Removal of cannabis as a Schedule 1 substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

To make cannabis legally accessible to all patients who wish to consume it for therapeutic reasons.

Patients granted the right to grow their own medicine at home without intervention from the law.

Analytical Cannabis - growing the future of cannabis science
Analytical Cannabis
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Analytical Cannabis from Technology Networks focuses on the needs of the cannabis testing industry, providing a single resource for original articles, the latest news, views, and technical resources from this rapidly developing field.

Laura Kam
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Whether traditional print and electronic media or social media worldwide, Kam Global Strategies can get your message to the specialized reporters in your field or to the masses through story positioning, background briefings or op-ed placements.
Steep Hill Labs
Steep Hill Labs
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Founded in California in 2008, Steep Hill Labs, Inc. is a science and technology firm that has become the industry leader in cannabis testing and analytics. Steep Hill has labs open or in development in seven U.S. states (Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Washington State), Washington DC, and Jamaica, with many more to come— making Steep Hill the largest cannabis lab network in the world. The company pioneered the first medical cannabis potency and microbiological contaminants testing methodology for use in California—the first state to legalize medical cannabis. Steep Hill has since developed a variety of revolutionary cannabis testing products, including the Steep Hill Express™ and GenKit™. Steep Hill provides expert consulting services to many states, countries and municipalities, and the company is developing proprietary genetic testing, mapping and trademark protection services for the industry as well.
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Millions of people all over the world use Leafly to discover cannabis strains and products, find nearby dispensaries, and stay up to date on the latest cannabis news and entertainment. Access to information is an integral part the cannabis movement, and Leafly strives to end the stigma by providing an inviting platform for everyone who seeks knowledge about cannabis and cannabis products. Download the Leafly app to find content written by award-winning journalists, crowdsourced cannabis strain reviews, and more.

Tilray medical cannabis canada
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Tilray is dedicated to cultivating and delivering the benefits of medical cannabis safely and reliably. Our team of PhDs, botanists and master horticulturists are industry leaders in medical cannabis research and related agricultural sciences. We’re constantly looking for different ways to make your medical cannabis experience more efficient and convenient.

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BuddingTech is a medical cannabis accelerator – BuddingTech identifies and commercialises industry beneficial research, startups and devices and provides the guidance, support and resources required to successfully develop and integrate these projects into the Asia Pacific medical cannabis market. BuddingTech helps bring to market innovative solutions focused on addressing key challenges across the medical cannabis industry.

elixinol distributes CBD products around the world
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Elixinol is a global company based in Colorado. With a proven track record of growing and manufacturing high-quality organic hemp, Elixinol also conducts rigorous laboratory testing and quality control. Elixinol distributes CBD products around the world including the United States, Japan, Puerto Rico, the UK, and Brazil. With deep roots in the hemp industry, our CEO, Paul Benhaim, and 4th generation hemp farmers, our expertise covers over 3 decades.
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MassRoots is a semi-anonymous social network for cannabis lovers worldwide. More than just an app, MassRoots is a judgment-free zone where like-minded people can freely share their medical marijuana experiences.

Orion GMP
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Orion GMP Solutions is a consulting group specializing in international pharmaceutical and bioactive materials. Orion GMP believes that quality cannot be tested into a product – quality can only be designed into a product. Orion GMP delivers actionable insights and systems on process, product, regulatory, and strategy for implementing Good Manufacturing Practices and Quality Systems based on the US Food and Drug Administration, International Conference on Harmonization, Health Canada regulations, and State-by-State regulations.
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The America Israel Cannabis Association, AICA, has been established by American entrepreneurs who seek to build an apolitical membership-based business league to promote medical and biotech R&D and therapies, agri-tech solutions, high tech solutions, education, investment, and business between the Israeli cannabis industry and the expanding American market. The flow of information, the education, the ideas, and the ultimate therapies for those benefitting from the cannabis therapies and medical treatments will create comfort, relief and complete recoveries for patients and their families and friends as well as business opportunities for professionals within both the American and Israeli cannabis industries.
Hempson Biotech
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Hempson Oil is based out of Colorado, USA and focuses exclusively on wholesale with no retail chain. While many other companies distribute Cannabidiol, they also have their own retail lines that create a long term conflict of interest. Hempson concentrates solely on distribution.

Isodiol cbd products
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Isodiol’s Hemp-Derived Pure CBD Products Provide The Best Option For Those Who Seek A THC-FREE™, Safe, Sustainable And Non-Psychoactive Source Of CBD.

Isodiol also offers a growing line of retail CBD products to suit customer lifestyles and preferences.

These end consumer products are also available to our White Label customers. No need to research and develop your own products, Isodiol has done the work for you!

Our pure CBD oil, CBD Isolate, and other consumer and bulk CBD products deliver cannabidiol through a variety of delivery systems: CBD CrystalsCBD OilCBD SpraysCBD for DiscomfortCBD Isolate and Water Soluble NanoCBD Hemp Oil products.

Viisit MediPen

The UK’s leading consumer cannabinoid biotechnology company committed to groundbreaking research and the development of licensed cannabis based medicines.

Tali Pais

CIITECH is a cannabis biotech company that focuses on discovering, developing and commercializing therapeutic cannabis products.

We collaborate with both leading research institutions in Israel to leverages the full potential of Israel’s cutting-edge cannabis industry to create marketable products for international markets.  Working with UK & EU production partners we’re able to market Israeli developed and designed CBD products today from our online store Essential Cannabinoids

Learn more about our cannabinoid research and product pipline at www.CIITECH.co.uk

Visit Hanf Magazine
Hanf Magazine
Visit Hanf Magazine Magazine devoted to the subject of Hemp
Visit Tali Pais
Tali Pais
Visit Tali Pais

Event planning for the business and private sector. Our goal is to create a high-quality and unique events, while paying attention to every small detail and to the guest’s experience

Kalytera Therapeutics
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Kalytera Therapeutics is developing a portfolio of non-psychoactive cannabinoid and endocannabinoid-like medicines that we believe will address large unmet market needs. Kalytera seeks to commercialize its proprietary synthetic cannabinoid therapies across a range of disease states, with an initial focus on osteoporosis and bone healing.
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LEAF is the first smartphone controlled, automated home grow system for medical plants and food.
Agam Greenhouse Energy Systems
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Founded in 2009 by industry veterans, Agam develops and produces innovative, energy-conserving and environmentally friendly cooling, heating and dehumidification systems. Agam’s solutions serve the needs of both the industrial and the agricultural sectors, including greenhouses, and seed and grain warehouses. Based on patented heat – exchange technology, Agam’s products are highly cost – effective and field proven, saving between 40% and 60% of energy expenses.
Greenspoon Marder
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Strategic Representation for the Cannabis Industry


Greenspoon Marder’s Cannabis Practice Group helps businesses navigate the complex and evolving laws and regulations governing the cannabis industry. Our firm offers a dedicated practice focused on assisting companies in this rapidly growing industry find the right pathways and solutions to develop and expand their business enterprises.

The attorneys in our Cannabis Practice Group counsel and advise growers, processors, retailers, entrepreneurs and other entities operating throughout the cannabis industry. We support and advance our clients’ businesses by providing strategic guidance and representation across the full spectrum of legal matters impacting the cannabis industry.

Visit Viavi
Viavi offers a diverse portfolio of products for medical, pharmaceutical, and analytical laboratory markets. Our flagship MicroNIR miniature spectrometer takes the positive identification of pharmaceuticals, and a wide variety of other chemical compounds, to the field in a portable instrument.
CZECH Centre
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Czech Centre Tel Aviv is part of the network of the Czech Centres that promote Czech cultural life on the international stage and actively reinforce the perception of the Czech Republic throughout the world as a modern and creative country with a rich cultural tradition. Czech Centre Tel Aviv focuses on several areas of presentation of the Czech culture such as film, theatre, visual art, literature, tourism but also innovations and science.
IGT Complete - Israel Touring Services
Visit IGT Complete – Israel Touring Services
We are proud to introduce you to Cally at IGT Complete; compelte Israel touring services. Cally’s focus is on service, details and personal interaction. From the moment you contact Cally at IGT, whether it is for a single hotel reservations, a full tour across the country or a special event – she will work with you on all the details throughout the process. Cally at IGT provides a personal relationship from the very first email to see you through all the planning. She will be on hand while throughout your stay in Israel through the final summary once you are back home.
IMC Israel Medical Cannabis
IMC Israel Medical Cannabis
Visit IMC Israel Medical Cannabis
Established in 2010, IMC is an agricultural company licensed and authorized by the Ministry of Health to produce and supply medical cannabis. The company provides medical cannabis to patients with a valid permit by the Ministry of Health to use medical cannabis. IMC began to supply medical cannabis as early as 2008, with the aim of alleviating the pain and suffering of its patients. IMC produces high-quality strains, the best in the market today, and adheres to international standards of quality.
Khiron Life Sciences Corp. is a Canadian cannaceutical company with its operations located in Colombia. Colombia has passed legislation providing for the production of Medicinal products formulated from Cannabis. The Company is currently applying for cultivation, production, and distribution licenses. All approved products in Colombia must be in classical medicinal formats. The company is currently private, and intends to go public during 2017.
The Green Solution
The Green Solution
Visit The Green Solution
We’re a Colorado-based, Family-Owned business who’s proud to be among the most awarded companies in Colorado. With over 50 awards for our quality flower, concentrates, and edibles, our family of Retail Associates is sharp-dressed and well-equipped with the concierge-level expertise needed to craft each individual’s cannabis experience.
VIsit Netafim Smart Drip and Micro-Irrigation solutions for a sustainable future.
Guardian Data Systems
Visit Guardian Data Systems Resource Optimization, Accounting & Reporting Software Solutions for the Cannabis Industry
Visit Eybna
Eybna is a global leader in the research and development of cannabis terpene based solutions, with the mission of bringing the benefits of cannabis to more patients, by isolating the medicinal properties found in different strains and providing cannabis medicine that is tailored to treat specific medical conditions.
Stella Therapeutics
Visit Stella Therapeutics
Launched in 2011, Stella Therapeutics is driving the development of the first safe and effective cure for Glioblastoma multiforme.

Founded by Dr. Nephi Stella, a world renowned pharmacologist with over 20 years experience in indentifying novel molecular targets and developing small molecules to treat unmet medical disorders.

Stella Therapeutics uses a lean strategy implemented by world renowned experts in both drug and business development. This strategy promises to significantly expedite the development of The Company’s transformative therapies.

Magical Butter
Magical Butter
Visit Magical Butter MagicalButter makes it easy to integrate botanicals
into your healthy lifestyle.
Green Lion Partners
Visit Green Lion Partners
Green Lion Partners is a Denver, CO based business strategy firm focused on early stage development in the regulated cannabis industry. Founded in January 2015 by Jeffrey Zucker and Michael Bologna, Green Lion works to ensure that a sustainable framework for the industry is being built by following ethical values and fostering an expectation of operational excellence. By founding or partnering with companies, their core focus is elevating the public perception of the industry while concurrently pushing it toward more sophisticated business processes. In addition to businesses, Green Lion supports the industry groups working tirelessly to create industry opportunity and more importantly, socially conscious legislation.
Dr. Golik
Dr. Golik is an exclusive distributor of leading global brands of scientific solutions in the fields of Chemistry, Bio/Nano-Technology, pharma and R&D.
High Grade Cannabinoids
Pharmacists Association of Israel
Visit Pharmacists Association of Israel
ברוכים הבאים לאתר הסתדרות הרוקחים בישראל. כאן תוכלו לקבל עדכונים מקצועיים שוטפים בנושאים מגוונים, כגון: כנסים, מפגשים, הרצאות, חדשות, הנחיות קליניות, אזהרות שימוש בתרופות. כמו כן, החברים בהסתדרות הרוקחים בישראל נהנים מגישה ישירה לחומרי לימוד ומאגרי מידע מקצועיים
Bright Light
Visit Bright Light

כיום שיש מודעות כל כך גדולה לצריכת המזון אשר אנחנו צורכים,המון אנשים החליטו לעבור לשיטת “גדל זאת בעצמך”
יותר ויותר אנשים מעדיפים לגדל לעצמם את מזונם ועל ידי כך גם חוסכים את כספם,נמנעים מרעלים לא רצויים וחומרי הדברה מסוכנים וכמובן אין מה להשוות את טעמו של גידול אורגני בייתי אל מול גידולים מסחריים.
בין מוצרינו הם מוצר הדגל
מנורות לד עוצמתיות מבית “California Lightworks” ,אוהלי גידול ושאר אביזרים אשר משתייכים אך ורק לעולם המגדל הביתי

Israel Advanced Technology Industries
Israel Advanced Technology Industries
The Israeli Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) is the largest umbrella organization representing the high tech and life science industries. With about 600 members our mission is to strengthen the Israeli high tech and life science industries across the whole value chain while creating global, technological and innovational leadership.
Barney's Farm
Barney's Farm
Visit Barney’s Farm
The team of experienced breeders at Barney’s Farm has been gathering land-race genetics from around the world since the early 1980’s. This enables Barney’s Farm Research Lab to create the very best and rarest marijuana strains.
Visit APM Law
APM & Co. represents enterprises, including banking institutions, insurance companies, real estate developers and contractors, venture capital funds, software houses, high-tech companies and trade unions. The firm’s clientele also includes mutual fund managers, stock-brokers and provident funds
Second Sun Grow
Second Sun Grow
Visit Second Sun Grow
Second Sun Grow was developed by Second Sun, Inc. in 2013. The startup began as a family owned grow light and consulting company. As the emerging Cannabis industry began to evolve so had Second Sun Grow. Noticing many gaps that needed to be filled in commercial cultivation, production and management, Second Sun Grow had evolved to into a new category of Cannabis businesses. Second Sun Grow is on its way to becoming one of the premiere Cannabis companies in the world. Second Sun Grow is a multi-state commercial Cannabis production and management company. A trusted partner and producer of Cannabis, the company operates and manages Cannabis cultivation and extract facilities where high quality brands and products are developed and tested. Second Sun Grow cultivates and processes Cannabis into a variety of products for all types of users. The Company’s unique business model has lead to its ability to acquire exclusive licensing deals in the space with such brands as Israel’s world renowned Cannabis company, Tikun Olam and U.S.A.’s Cannakorp, which was developed by former Keurig executives. The Company also develops it’s own brands such to be released in 2017. Second Sun Grow currently operates in the following states, CA, WA, OR, and AZ. Second Sun Grow is dedicated to the development of sustainable quality products and brands in the legal Cannabis industry.
Visit Panaxia
Established in 2009, Panaxia is a pharmaceutical company specializing in medical cannabis R&D and manufacturing. Our goal is to align medical cannabis with cutting edge formulation technologies and the highest available pharma standards.
Applying these technologies and GMP standards, Panaxia currently manufactures a wide variety of standardized medical cannabis products, including sub-lingual and oral tablets, metered-dose inhalers, creams, suppositories and more. Our products, manufacturing facility and production processes are subject to stringent quality assurance procedures, from the initial planning and validations, throughout the actual manufacturing and to quality control of the finished products.
Visit Cannabliss Cannabliss is a leading Israeli developer and manufacturer of unique, consistent, smoke-free medical cannabis products. Founded in 2009 and licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Health, Cannabliss provides effective relief for any patient holding a Ministry of Health permit, who seeks easy-to-use medical cannabis products.
In addition to its home delivery service, Cannabliss operates a dispensary and clinic at Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hospital, intended for patients from all over the country suffering from various symptoms. The company also collaborates in clinical research with leading hospitals throughout Israel.
Cannabliss’s oils, capsules, cookies and other products are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, utilizing unique extraction techniques and formulas containing natural cannabis ingredients. Available in varying potency degrees, these highly-consistent, concentrated products provide easy and exact dose management for every individual patient.
Iner-Tech Ltd.
Visit Iner-Tech Ltd.
Iner-Tech aims to provide state of the art solutions to customers in the demanding fields of Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Biotech and Food Industry and Research.
Tress Capital
Tress Capital
Visit Tress Capital
Tress Capital is the first institutional-grade cannabis private equity fund management firm, supported by a world-class infrastructure. With a unique industry network, unparalleled deal-flow pipeline, and experienced team with in-house niche expertise, Tress is the go-to for sophisticated investors seeking competence.
Bazelet Group
Visit Bazelet Group
The Bazelet Group is the largest medical cannabis company in Israel, processing the cannabis grown by four out of the eight legal farms in Israel; serving 9000 patients monthly, and constructing a GMP facility with a capacity suitable for 100,000 patients.
Visit DryGair
DryGair dehumidifiers are the solution to control humidity inside greenhouses. DryGair’s solution enables the growers to keep the greenhouse isolated, and to control the climate conditions inside. DryGair dehumidification concept also creates homogenous conditions which improve the quality and quantity of the crops, reduce the need for pesticides and contribute to a greener environment.
Pure Extractions Labs
Visit Pure Extraction Labs
Based in northern Israel, we use our 15+ years of experience to assist everything from growing to Solvent and Solvent-less extraction processes and facilities.

PURE EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY specializes in consulting for businesses on designing and manufacturing systems for solvent extractions and non-solvent.

We are committed to the development of peripheral products, procedures, safety and quality control technologies.We are company specialized in botanical extraction machine engineering for cannabis oil extractions.

N.V Biotech
Visit N.V Biotech
N.V biotech focus on bringing natural, plant and Cannabinoid food supplements to market which make a positive difference to your day to day life.
N.V Biotech is proud to be the first company to offer cannabigerol in the UK alongside our existing cannabinoid containing brands.