GreenBrothers Holding SA

GreenBrothers Holding SA

Green Brothers is a Swiss holding leading the European cannabis industry. With more than 500 B2B clients in 24 European countries, the group is also one of Europe’s biggest CBD company conglomerate. We are experts when it comes to:

– Indoor & Outdoor Agriculture
– Cannabinoids Extraction
– Brand Development
– Bulk & White Label
– International Distribution
– Research an Development

The group’s strategy is focused on the vertical and horizontal integration of each company to master every step from seeds to final product. We boost innovative brands to target customers in new emerging industries, such as: Healthcare, Sports, Cosmetics, Pet-Care, Pharma, Food. Green Brothers offers 100% Swiss made products manufactured following strict quality standards. Our values focus on long-term collaborations, quality, trust, safety and transparency but more than anything to provide the best service to every customer and patient.

Green Brothers Holding SA is honored to join the Tel Aviv Cannatech, our goal is to meet new strategic partners and develop networks overseas.

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