Boaz Wachtel

Executive Chairman
Creso Pharma

Boaz Wachtel is a certified clinical research manager and holds an MA in management and Marketing from the University of Maryland. He was co-founder and former Managing Director of Phytotech Medical, Australia’s first publicly traded Medical Cannabis Company. He is also the co-founder of IMCPC – International Medical Cannabis Patient Coalition.

Boaz is an Israeli medical cannabis pioneer/activist, who formulated and assisted the Ministry of Health with the implementation of the National Medical Cannabis Program – one of only three national programs in the world.

Boaz Wachtel is a frequent lecturer and adviser to governments, national committees, business and NGOs on medical cannabis program formulation, grow operations, international laws and UN drug convention compliance, as well as the founder and former chairman of the Green Leaf Party – a political party for cannabis legalisation/medicalisation, human rights and ecology.

He is the co-author of the Ibogaine – Treatment Manual and has published more than 25 articles, papers and three book chapters.

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