Tanner Stewart

Co-Founder & CEO
Stewart Vertical Farms Inc.

An impassioned believer that the processes of our agriculture will dictate the quality of our nutrition and the sustainability of our future, Tanner has long been an advocate for, and entrepreneur in, Canada’s vertical farming and aquaponics industry.

In 2005 he moved from New Brunswick to Alberta seeking new opportunities; which is exactly what he found. Wasting no time, he founded and established a construction company in 2007 that performed over 110 million dollars in projects in its first eight years. After 13 years he remains the founder and major shareholder in Field-Max Industrial that continues to operate in Alberta today.

His passion for business and his interest in sustainable agricultural practices have led him to become an investor and interim CEO of an indoor vertical aquaponics farm for over 5 years, and the executive producer of an award-winning environmental documentary: The Need To GROW.
His investments in agricultural technology and love for cannabis have culminated in the founding of Stewart Farms, where he is currently the CEO. Stewart Farms is constructing a state-of-the-art, indoor aquaponics facility with 100,000 square feet and 40-foot-high potential for vertical farming to grow organic, sustainable cannabis in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

Tanner has a deep passion for our health and wellness industry and organic, sustainable and regenerative farming practices. These principals form the foundation of Stewart Farms and they are only just getting started.

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