Shabtai Cohen is DryGair’s Chief Agronomist, and since 1988 has been a senior researcher at the Ramat Negev Research and Development and MOP Darom (R&D South). Shabtai Cohen conducted extensive research in arid lands agriculture, and in this expert capacity, he developed the organic greenhouse industry in the south of Israel. He is responsible for the management of the R&D of the vegetable department. Since 2002, he has become an integral part of the design and establishment department of new agronomic projects around the world.

Mr. Cohen is the recipient of the Agritech Prize for Life Work, awarded by the Minister of Agriculture. He is also the recipient of the MASHOV prize for Excellency in Agricultural Research.

Shabtai Cohen has extensive knowledge and experience and in the field of Cannabis cultivation. He was an integral part of a large medical cannabis undertaking in Oregon, USA, and remains a private consultant to numerous Medical Cannabis companies.
Mr. Cohen is in charge of the Arava desert R&D program in Cannabis/Hemp on behalf of the Office of the Chief Scientist: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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