Sebastien Beguerie, is the Founder and CEO of AlphaCAT Lab in Prague, Czech Republic. He holds a Master's degree in Plant Science with a major in plant physiology and medical Cannabis. Sébastien has performed hundreds of controlled laboratory tests on Cannabis and worked with the leading medical Cannabis companies and experts in the world, including the likes of Prof. Raphael Mechoulam. Sebastien is a medical cannabis scientific expert and activist with 10 years of experience in cannabis production optimisation, quality control, and education.

Born in Marseille, France, in 2009 he was sponsored by Bedrocan BV to study at Wageningen University Research (WUR), in the Netherlands where he obtained his MSc. degree in Plant Sciences. In parallel, he co-founded the National Medical Cannabis French patient association called “l’Union Francophone pour les Cannabinoids en Médecine, I care”; “UFCM I care”. In conjunction with this association, he has been responsible for organizing the annual International Medical Cannabis Conference, in Strasbourg, France yearly since 2012.

In 2011, Sebastien founded his company Alpha-CAT Lab in Europe, specializing in making and providing cannabinoid test kits worldwide; from Latin America to Canada, Jamaica, Australia, and all the way to Japan. The Alpha-CAT test kit offers a tool to patients, physicians and pharmacists to better understand Cannabinoid based medicine. Additionally, in this emerging Cannabis industry, AlphaCAT has been a recognized standard helping small/medium/large size businesses to ensure quality control in a new Cannabis paradigm.

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