Saul Singer

Co-Founder & CEO

Saul Singer is the co-founder and CEO of CMTREX (Cannabis Mercantile Trading Exchange), an IT-driven B2B cannabis trading platform. Prior to forming CMTREX Saul spent 15 years as a senior executive in the global diamond industry. In 2010 Saul co-founded Fusion Alternatives, an IT solutions enterprise delivering trading solutions to the global diamond industry which quickly emerged as the leading independent tender trading platform in the global diamond market. Saul has a solid background in strategic management and financial advisory having worked at leading international banking and consulting firms in Australia and Israel prior to his entry into the global diamond market.

Over the last year, Saul has been passionately developing the CMTREX platform to satisfy a clear need within the cannabis industry. CMTREX was both co-founded and incubated by iCAN, a leader in accelerating and commercializing products for the global cannabis market.

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