Rylie Maedler

CEO, Rylie’s Sunshine
President, Rylie’s Smile Foundation

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In 2013, at the age of 7, Rylie was diagnosed with aggressive bone tumors that disintegrated her facial bones. Her mother, Janie, learned about the efficacy of cannabis oil against cancer and decided to give it to Rylie hoping it might help minimize her bone tumors and prevent a recurrence. With the help of full-spectrum cannabis oil, Rylie defied everyone’s expectations. Rylie’s smile returned!

Today, Rylie’s focus with her team is to supply quality medical full-spectrum cannabis oil to all generations looking for holistic relief of various debilitating health conditions. Research is a big part of Rylie Sunshine’s goal since it is one of the dilemmas Rylie’s family has noticed can hold back patient care and legislation, besides lack of quality and access. Rylie has chosen specific targets that her team agrees are lacking in research and need to be pushed to the forefront.

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