Rohitt Sharrma

Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA)

The focus of his work is market analysis, and ecological evaluation as well as the political and economic framework for Industrial Hemp-based processes and applications. Mr. Sharma is also a Partner and Member of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)” Ad-hoc Advisory Group of Industrial Hemp Europe (2015-2016). He is also a member and partner of various “Expert Group on Hemp and Cannabis-based Products” globally, Member of the WASME (India) 2013 PhD Chambers (India) 2015, and many others. Rohitt Sharrma has handled big top names in the Industry like Dabur, Aditya Group, Arvind Mills, GRKC, Oberoi group, and many more. Mr. Sharrma is also aggressively promoting Cannabis and launching CBD and THC based medicine in India. He has been a keynote speaker in Germany, Canada, the USA, China, Japan, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Italy, and more.

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