Rick Trojan III

Third Wave Farms

Rick Trojan is an industry leader and icon, after creating the Hemp Road Trip in 2015. His advocacy and industry building campaign is now on it’s 10th American tour, and rounding out its international exploration- covering all 6 continents growing hemp in 2019. Mr. Trojan sits on the Board of Directors of Vote Hemp, US Hemp Roundtable and Hemp Industries Association – as Vice President, with over 1700 members globally. On the business side, he is advisor & equity owner of Third Wave Farms, growing for grain and cannabinoids; a media/marketing company; an event and merchandise entity; and the ValidCare software marketing platform. His book, the Hemp Road Map, goes on shelves this winter and his documentary movie, the Hemp Road Trip, has won awards in USA and been translated into Czech and Chinese, growing an international acclaim. Mr Trojan passion is educating about this plant and how it can positively impact our economy and our environment.

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