Ras Ramon Benjahman Adams

African Cannabis Enterprises Pty Ltd

Brother Benjahman, as he is called within the communities he works with across the Western Cape, is a passionate farmer and hemp genetics gatekeeper. As a Rastafari Sacramental Rights practitioner, he has 15 years of experience working with micro and macro scale
community projects. His work includes being indigenous herbalist, product formulator and community development practitioner.

In the corporate world, Brother Ben is the Director of Cultivation for African Cannabis Enterprises PTY Ltd. which specialises in unique proprietary and land-race cannabis genetics.  He is also the Director of A Conscious Touch PTY Ltd., a family business established in 2003, that focuses on the importance of heritage & culture, indigenous herbs, cannabis and organic farming. Brother Ben sees preserving heirloom, land-race, seeds, strain development and preservation, as sacred duties. Within the local stakeholder community, he is a human rights and community activist, a counselor and well-respected champion for youth development. He specialises in Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) and sacramental rights within the context of “Africulture”, which combines IKS with permaculture.

Brother Ben’s life journey includes his current Board membership and advocacy positions, including being the National Assistant Human Resource Development Manager of the Cannabis Development Council of South Africa (CDCSA) and theVice-Chairperson of the Cannabis Industry Development Co-Operative (CIDC-WC). He is also the Chairperson of the Icuba Labathwa Primary Trading Co-Operative, a Pioneer Member of the Khoisan Active Awareness Group (KSAAG), and a Member of the Cape Bush Doctors’ Organisational and the Rastafari Council of Elders of South Africa.

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