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Ms. Solan brings over a decade of experience in Agri/Aqua -culture, planning turnkey projects and applying technological improvements to optimal growth, quality and yield for wide variety of plants and environments with extensive experience in Cannabis growth.
Nitzan`s B.SC in chemical engineering and specialty design comes from The Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, one of Israel`s leading universities. Shenkar`s Azrieli Faculty of Design serves as a center for the academic study of design and engineering with the most up-to- date, relevant and forward-
looking courses, while cooperating with external elements from the world of design and industry.

Nitzan acted as a lead agronomist in Better, one of Israel`s first and most prominent medical grade cannabis licensed producers. While working for Better, Nitzan successfully operated over 20,000 Sq.Ft. of nursery space, Research & Development lab and 2.5 Acres of state-of- the-art greenhouse to seamlessly produce consistent, high quality, medical grade cannabis.

One of Nitzan`s first challenges as an agronomist in the cannabis field was to solidify growing methods, systems and procedures that can support an ongoing and a predictable yielding program, this was especially challenging considering Israel`s weather patterns and high humidity environment. Better`s facilities are located in Israel`s southern coastal region, suffering from similar climate challenges that Florida does with high temperatures (up to 40Cand consistently high humidity.

Nitzan`s early education and experience as a chemical engineer and an agricultural specialist with direct hands-on cultivation experience of a wide plant variety, using different systems, was essential to successfully identify the optimal
grow procedures and equipment solutions for consistent, best of class, Cannabis growth, harvesting and processing standards.

In addition to her role in Better, Nitzan acts as Chief Agronomist in soil-less culture for several licensed cannabis projects on behalf of Grow-Tec, a global leader and distributor of turn key design and construction services for hi-tech agricultural projects. Existing projects include high humidity environments such as Thailand, China, and Israel.

Solan also serves as Research Manager and Chief Agronomist for MGC Pharmaceuticals, an international company, publicly traded on the ASX with operations in England, Norway and Perth, Australia. Nitzan helped create a seamless, highly supervised supply chain, from planting to extraction, creating the highest quality resins, oils and proprietary delivery device available, this holistic view ensures that the company will be able to be at the forefront of research and development in this exploding market, with the potential to supply products to research efforts worldwide.

Nitzan remains excited and extremely motivated to establish her involvement in different organizations as a critical tool to identify advanced systems, methods and technologies to help create safe production environments that will produce high-grade medical cannabis with the ultimate goal of being an integral part to help distribute this powerful, safe medicine in the most professional way in as many places as possible helping as many patients as possible.

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