Nitzan Solan

Agro-Technological Solutions

Nitzan received her B.SC in chemical engineering and specialty design  from Shenkar, one of Israel’s leading universities. Shenkar’s Azrieli Faculty of Design serves as a center for the academic study of design and engineering with the most up-to-date, relevant and forward-looking courses, while cooperating with external elements from the world of design and industry. The Pernick Faculty of engineering at Shenkar is “avant-garde”, as it combines the technical understanding, based on natural sciences, with creativity, innovation and the ability to apply such sciences in order to create valuable products, while taking into account considerations such as the business and social environment, as well as an emphasis on effective teamwork.
My early education and experience as an agricultural specialist was with direct hands-on cultivation experience of a wide plant variety (including different vegetables and fruits) using different systems was essential to successfully identify the optimal grow procedures and equipment solutions for consistent, best of class, sustainable and food safety standards. Research, trial and error has taken place and after extensive work using advanced greenhouse systems and specific technological equipment that enabled us to bring over measurable results as it relates to quality, quantities and timing. In order to do so, I had to and gained vast and deep understanding about the challenges within our world today, especially in the developing countries.
I acted as a lead agronomist in Better, one of Israel`s first and most prominent Medical Grade Cannabis licensed producers. I supported Better`s progress to successfully expand its operations to an international scale, now, with operations and reach in Australia, England and other European countries. This which help me to gain invaluable experience in growing consistent yields of quality, organic Medical Grade Cannabis using different systems and equipment in challenging natural environments .
In addition to my role in Better, i acted as chief agronomist in soil-less culture for different projects on behalf of Grow-Tec, a global leader and distributor of turnkey projects & design for construction services for hi-tech agricultural projects. Existing projects include different environment and cultures, such as Thailand, China & Israel, Vietnam, U.S etc .
My greatest passion is curiosity, I believe that it always led me to become better in what I do. The combination of my curiosity with my deepest desire to help and support our world to become a better and more sustainable place, is what is different & unique in my approach.
I remain super excited and extremely motivated to establish any involvement in different organizations as a critical tool to identify advanced systems, methods and technologies to help create safe production environments that will produce high grade & food safety standards for everyone and everywhere!
with the ultimate goal of being an integral part to help distribute this powerful & simple knowledge, to support and promote solutions to one of our biggest challenges in our world- Healthy food for all.
While establishing my startup company, LivingBox.  I’ve learned to know that there are many great initiatives, solutions and opportunities in the world. But, one of the most important aspects, in order to achieve a real & stable development and change, is to find the right way in how to integrate theme together – to find the right connection and networking to the right people, ideas, technologies in a way that will make sense for all…

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