Nirit Bernstein, Ph.D

Senior Research Scientist
ARO, Volcani Institute

Dr. Nirit Bernstein is the first scientist in Israel to study whole plant cannabis.

Nirit Bernstein, has a PhD in Plant Physiology from the University of California, Davis USA, and a B.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment. She is a principal researcher at the Institute of Soil Water and Environmental Sciences at the Volcani Research Center in Israel, and she teaches graduate level courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research includes studies of effects of treated wastewater on environmental pollution (chemical and microbiological); irrigation with marginal water; effects of effluent irrigation on the field environment; mechanisms involved in plants response to salinity; and mineral nutrition of plants. She has published over 70 academic publications and is a member of the Editorial Board of five international scientific Journals. She also serves as the Chief Editor of scientific manuscripts in Hebrew for the Ministry of Agriculture in Israel.


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