Myrtle Clarke & Julian Stobbs

Fields of Green for ALL NPC

In 2010 we were arrested in our home on charges of possession and dealing in drugs. We were so indignant at our treatment at the hands of the police that we sued seven government departments on charges of enacting unlawful laws. We have been full time drug policy activists since 2011, travelling nationally and internationally to give a voice to civil society’s concerns around drug policy reform. 

We are very concerned as to HOW South Africa’s Cannabis policies will be “reformed”. In 2013 we established Fields of Green for ALL as a non-profit company to deal with the obstacles surrounding the legal regulation of Cannabis in SA. Most of our work involves guidance for those who have been marginalised by their use, cultivation and trade in Cannabis. 
The ONLY way to accelerate Cannabis innovation in Africa is to recognise those who have been marginalised by the “last apartheid law” and to support those who laid the foundation for the aforementioned “innovation”. 
We are not free until everyone is free. We will not get equitable regulations in South Africa (or the rest of Africa) unless both our government and the emerging industry becomes cognisant of those who are most likely to be left behind. It is ironic that those who know the most about Cannabis in South Africa are those whose livelihoods are most threatened by over regulation and ignorance on the part of law makers and those with pots of money to pour into innovation. 
As we progress from a movement to an industry, we will not give up until we have Fields of Green for ALL.

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