Michael Kagan

Reagenics Research Ltd

Dr. Michael Kagan has a PhD in chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has published thirty papers and holds a dozen awarded patents, three of which have been sold. In 1993, he co-founded Profile Technology Ventures Ltd., one of the first private incubators in Israel. This focused primarily on chemical and biotechnological innovations but also spawned a number of electronic and communication ventures such as Timestrip Ltd. and NomadIQ (acquired by Omnisky, 2002). He was part of the founding team of Luz2 that morphed into BrightSource Energy Ltd., the leading solar-to-thermal energy company. From 2004 to 2016 he focused on micro-algae as a source of biofuel, high protein food, and most recently as a source of Omega-3 food supplement. He was a co-founder of Qualitas Health, which today is the leading producer of vegetarian Omega-3. His responsibilities included pre-clinical trials, NDI submission to the FDA that involved the entire gamut of toxicological studies, new product identification and development, patent and claim construction. Michael is applying all these skills and experiences to lead the Reagenics to become a disruptive technology in the field of cannabinoid production.

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