Markus Hoffmann

VP of Business Development
Jacana Holdings, Inc.

Markus Hoffmann is the VP of Business Development at Jacana.

A lawyer by training, Markus has a background in the private equity sector and has been active in the medical cannabis industry since 2016.

At Jacana, Markus‘ focus is the establishment of a strong, global platform for the cultivation, extraction and formulation of EU-GMP grade medical cannabis products for distribution across Europe, Canada and other markets.

Jacana is a vertically integrated producer of medical cannabis products and has developed a variety of cultivars that thrive in equatorial climates. Jacana is the first producer to bring authentic, outdoor grown Jamaican cannabis products to the Canadian and European markets and aims to further develop its range of terroir and heritage based, boutique products through collaborations with local partners across the Caribbean, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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