Lilach Mazor Power is co-founder and managing director of the Giving Tree Wellness Center, an Arizona licensed medical cannabis dispensary with locations in Phoenix and Mesa. Lilach and her business partner, Gina, have been part of the ever-changing medical cannabis industry in Arizona since it was legalized six years ago. They overcame many hurdles in order to give their business wings, such as opposition from the city, the inability to receive loans, and the challenges of cannabis remaining federally illegal. Despite the complications, Lilach and Gina remained adamant about opening a wellness center that would provide high-quality alternative care, education, and support to patients. The Giving Tree opened in Phoenix in May 2013, followed by the Mesa location three months later, with the ultimate goal of improving patients' quality of life.

Lilach, 37, was born and raised in Israel, and has long been a believer in the medical uses of cannabis. Today, she focuses on the latest research, trends and legislation in the industry to give her patients the knowledge they need to make sound decisions about cannabis for medical use.
Having previously served as a sergeant in the Israeli military, Lilach understands the difficulty soldiers face in coping with their experiences once returning home. The Giving Tree offers discounted medicine to vets, and veterans make up 20 percent of the Giving Tree's staff.
Lilach graduated in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in business and marketing from the New England College branch in Tel Aviv and currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and two children.

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