Lihi Bar-Lev Schleider, MA, is the founder of the research department at Tikun Olam, the first and largest medical cannabis supplier in Israel.

She received her Master of Arts in Psychobiology at the Tel Aviv University and is currently a PhD student in medicine at the clinical research centre in Soroka hospital and Ben Gurion University.

As a medical director in Tikun-Olam, Lihi lead all stages of clinical trials, including writing research protocols, and initiating, monitoring and analyzing the data of the clinical trials and studies. Three studies were published, three completed, and 15 are currently in process.
In addition, Lihi manages all data collection of Tikun-Olam’s patients (about 10,000 patients and an increase of approximately 250-300 patients per month). She facilitated the analysis of this data to match specific varieties of cannabis to specific symptoms, conditions, and target populations, including finding effective doses and identifying side effects.

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