Leah Bisiani is a highly skilled registered nurse/dementia consultant, having completed her Masters in Health Science/dementia stream, inclusive of her diploma in Business/Frontline Management, with more than 25 years' experience in aged care/dementia specific care.

After completing her Registered Nurse training at the Alfred Hospital in 1985, Leah undertook further studies and in-charge management employment within the aged care industry, establishing a knowledge and experience base that has placed her at the forefront of the industry, with her primary area of expertise being dementia specific care.

She has a passionate dedication towards Best Practice and is constantly researching and utilising progressive and innovative methods to obtain the highest possible quality of life for older people living with dementia. She distributes her evidence based research within the medical field, aged care sector and the community, enabling others to accomplish the maximised level of care people living with dementia deserve.

Self-development has been a priority, and has not only benefited Leah in her chosen pathway, but also allowed her to expand on her expertise, working in both consulting and learning and development. The goal is to create the ultimate benchmark in dementia specific care. Leah has demonstrated that creating environments in which persons with dementia can continue to thrive, enables continuation of life as they know it. Additionally Leah provides a strong voice for, advocating and upholding the rights of, people living with dementia.

As a result of her ground-breaking and highly effective work within the field, Leah's increased profile has inevitably resulted in numerous, ongoing invitations over the years to lecture at leading conferences on topics directly associated with her research, specifically behaviour management and lifestyle. She has been guest speaker on the radio, spoken at many Better Practice and Tristate conferences, Ontario Gerontology Annual Conference in Canada, held workshops for the Victorian College of Nursing, lectured at the “Alzheimer's Australia Annual Conference's”, the last being 2015, travelled to Las Vegas in December 2013 to further share her expertise at the OMICS Medical and Nursing Conference, closely followed by the 5th Annual Dementia Congress in 2014 in Melbourne.

Leah won the 2010/11 Lend Lease Australian Award for “Excellence in Innovation” for her person centred and behaviour management models of care designed for people living with dementia. Her pioneering revelations have enabled people living with dementia to attain maximised and enriched lifestyles, and furthermore, successfully empowered and motivated caregivers to embrace her dreams of change.

She furthermore won the Lend Lease Global Award for “Innovative Excellence” in April 2011, held in Singapore, against the winners of the other countries involved. This award again was to recognise Leah's contribution to the aged care sector and specifically to the lives of those living with dementia.

In 2012 she was published by Sage Publications in regards to her research, titled: “Exploring the use of doll therapy to meet past attachment needs and diminish behaviours of concern in a person living with dementia: A Case Study approach”. She has written key articles for the “International Dementia Journal”, “Australian Dementia Journal” and various key dementia journals in the USA, including a chapter for a book titled “The Twelve Knights of a Dark Winter.” Her latest completed research was completed on behalf of Alzheimer's Australia WA, titled, “CommunicAid – Meeting in the Middle – Non-verbal communication within the reality of people living with dementia – a case study approach”.

Recently Leah was privileged enough to be invited to become an International Care Team Member of the ICA, (International Caregivers Association), a revered panel of dementia experts, based in Mapleton, USA.
In 2016 Leah, along with another partner, established a business named “GreenC Medical Pty Ltd”, of which she is Managing Director/CEO. Together they are initiating evidence based research based on the introduction of medicinal cannabis as an alternative to existing ineffective pain relief approaches within aged care. This assists in the reduction of polypharmacy, prescribing cascades, and acute delirium, preventing associated distressing behavioural expression. The research abstract, completed by Dr Chris Alderman and Leah as co-author, was accepted and presented by Leah at the “Cann10 International Medicinal Cannabis Conference”, in Tel Aviv, Israel in September 2016.
“GreenC Medical's” value proposition is the provision of organically grown, clinically approved medicine that is matched to each individual person's condition and biological profile.

Leah, having developed herself as a leader in the field, has now added to her repertoire, and is personally assisting those struggling in the community, living with dementia, or are caregiving with little support. Hence providing her another niche area in which she can continue to make a difference to, and enrich the lives of those not as fortunate as us.

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