Forever Flowering Greenhouses

Jonathan Valdman is an entrepreneur, farmer and educator of agricultural
practices that are based in permaculture, sustainability and Best
Management Practices. He has been farming organically for over 20 years,
is a second-generation Cannabis farmer and has been growing Cannabis
since 1992.

With a knowledge of land design, growing indoors, outdoors and in
greenhouses, via soil and hydroponics, he has acquired a well-rounded
level of experience within the many modalities of Cannabis cultivation.
In 2006, Jonathan founded Forever Flowering Greenhouses, FFG, in
an effort to develop a commercial grade greenhouse company that could
address the future needs of the Cannabis industry. FFG was the first
greenhouse company in the world to focus exclusively on Cannabis
cultivation emphasizing the reduction of carbon footprints and production
costs while maintaining high yields and top shelf quality.

Through years of hands-on experience and commitment to the highest
quality products, he and his staff have created the standard of the
greenhouse light deprivation industry. Innovative solutions and products
that were created over these years of trial and error can be seen as the
standard within a vast majority of the Cannabis industry today.
In 2015, Jonathan joined forces to help co-found The Cannabis
Conservancy, TCC, a third-party certification for sustainability and best
practices in the regulated Cannabis industry.

Jonathan has spoken on these topics internationally and at home in the
USA. He has been a judge for California's premier Cannabis competition,
The Emerald Cup, and has consulted with County officials for adoption of
sensible cultivation practices. Jonathan writes regularly for Skunk
magazine and has been featured in articles including Inc., Mg, Cannabis
Business Times, Marijuana Venture, Cannabis Now, Maximum Yield,
Cannabis Now, Marijuana Business Daily, and other smaller publications.

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