Rylie’s Smile Foundation

Janie Maedler, COO of Rylie's Smile Foundation and Rylie's Sunshine LLC, was faced with a life-altering situation in 2013 when her young daughter, Rylie, was diagnosed with life-threatening bone tumors. She walked away from a business she had owned for 20 years and dove into cannabis research in order to best treat her daughter. While obtaining valuable experience and knowledge, she began helping others. This motivated her to continue her education in the cannabis field. She is now a Pediatric Cannabis Consultant for several hundreds of families whom she has advised of more treatment options. Janie, Rylie by her side, is a Policy Advisor who has been instrumental in the passing of Rylie's Law, SB181 to allow Medical Cannabis on school property, and Delaware's Pediatric Autism Petition. Janie speaks internationally at medical cannabis conferences about her experiences, pediatric dosing, bone regeneration, ASD, and various policies.

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