MAMAKA, Mothers for Cannabis

Jacqueline is the mother of a young woman with Aicardi Syndrome. At the end of 2013 she started her journey on the discovery of the medicinal qualities of cannabis in the treatment of refractory epilepsy and her daughter has been taking it in the form of oil since then. She is now very actively involved in the legalization movement for medical purposes in Greece and has repeatedly met with members of the Ministry of Health and parliamentary representatives in her efforts to advocate for free access to medicinal cannabis for patients all over Greece. A petition in the name of her daughter calling for legalization was presented to the Minister of Health with 43000+ signatures on 4/20/2016 – together with a list of 10 patient demands.  This initial meeting started the ball rolling and acted as a catalyst leading to today's developments in the legislation changes in Greece.

Jacqueline's background in the disability movement and her years of advocating in the department of Special Education have brought her into contact with patients experiencing a wide gamut of illnesses and disabilities. She attempts to lend daily support and networking to the developing community of patients and advocates who share with each other their experience and knowledge in her facebook support group, ‘Medical Cannabis: for the child, the family and for our loved one'. She is also the president of an association for the friends and family of Medical Cannabis patients which is called MAMAKA- Mothers for Cannabis  (??????? ??? ??? ??????? in Greek)

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