Iris Bincovich

Innocan Pharma

Mrs. Iris Bincovich is a experienced healthcare manager, with a proven track record in developing global business strategies to open and penetrate new markets. With nearly 20 years of international marketing, biz dev and sales experience, she has led and managed hundreds of successful international transactions in the OTC, cosmetics and dermatology sector.

Iris was formerly the VP Global Marketing & Sales for the OTC botanical specialist, Kamedis, where she established their successful International marketing strategy including establishing digital marketing platform and global e-commerce site. She has also led the marketing/sales strategy and world-wide distribution network for a variety of dermatology, cosmetic and OTC companies (Promedico (Wellcome), Pollogen (Lumenis; NASDAQ: LMNS), Starlet Derma, Power Paper) and has worked with leading international cosmetic customers (Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, J&J, Channel, etc.).

Whilst serving as the Business Unit Manager for Tagra, she accompanied the biotechnology startup from early stage to commercialization and established their worldwide distribution network.

She holds a BA in Chemistry from the Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, an Associate Degree in PR, Advertising and Public Speaking from Haifa University, Israel and an Associate Degree in Marketing and Business Development from Los Angeles College, USA.

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