Bruce Linton

Entrepreneur, Investor and Business Leader
Collective Growth Corporation

Bruce co-founded Canopy Rivers in 2017 and Canopy Health Innovations in 2018. Bruce’s founding idea grew to a TSX-V listed start-up company with an $80 Million market cap to an NYSE/TSX listed company (S&P/TSX60) including more than 30 M&A activities, ranking number one on the TSX30 with a market cap of over $20 Billion by the summer of 2019. Bruce’s experience as a founder, CEO, and board member across a diversity of sectors was a huge influence fo the success of Canopy Growth Corporation. Earning market support for 16 rounds of financing of over $6 Billion in public capital markets and private placements, the company funded capacity growth and opened new markets, including a $5 Billion CAD investment by Constellation, a fortune 500 beverage company. 

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