Emmerson Mnangagwa Jr.

The Movement

Emmerson Mnangagwa Jr. is a music producer and entrepreneur from Harare, Zimbabwe. Starting in 2007, he studied music programming, production and sound engineering in Cape Town, whilst also commencing his DJ career. This lead to him working and networking with a vast number of artists, musicians, DJs, sound engineers and producers. Emmerson combines a range of genres to create unique global music that combines Hip Hop, Jazz, Afri Jazz, Rnb, House, Afro House and African music in a fluid and transcendental way. Today, he is known as the Founder of an entertainment agency called The Movement, which organises and represents DJs, musicians, as well as music industry professionals, whilst providing sound and lighting equipment to event

Emmerson’s goals include weaving messages of social and global transformation into his music, and leveraging music as a source of inspiration for personal growth and sustainable development on an international level. Beyond music, Emmerson works as a consultant in the realm of Venture Capital. He seeks to realise Zimbabwe’s potential to drive forward a sustainable, inclusive economy through innovate water and cannabis projects. He actively advises mining sector developments and ventures that also create shared value for local communities.

At CannaTech Cape Town, he will be sharing Zimbabwe’s public-private partnership model and the potential for cannabis ventures to become triple bottom-line initiatives. Emmerson seeks to realise goals related to improving people’s lives, purposeful, business-based solutions to social and environmental problems, and profit beyond shareholder primacy that also takes into account stakeholders and public benefit.

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