Duke Rodriguez, CEO and President of Ultra Health, founded Ultra Health, a turnkey solutions provider for the specialty medical cannabis industry, in late 2010. Ultra Health partners with a broad spectrum of businesses and Tribal Nations to design, formulate and manage cannabis-related economic development opportunities that are profitable, scalable and mutually beneficial. Ultra Health currently has seven dispensary locations and one cultivation site in New Mexico, and is establishing more locations in Nevada.

Before founding Ultra Health, Duke served in various roles at Lovelace, Inc., a major healthcare company and HMO based in the Southwest. His positions included its Chief Operating Officer, Board member and Chief Financial Officer. Duke also served as the Cabinet Secretary of the State of New Mexico's largest executive branch agency. He was appointed in 1996 by the Governor and initiated statewide reform programs in welfare and Medicaid services. Duke was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Diagnostek, Inc., a NYSE pharmacy benefit management company, with clients including Fortune 500 companies, major insurers and HMOs. Diagnostek's main focus was in cost containment of pharmacy services to hospitals and employers. Duke also served as the President and Founder of HearUSA, Inc., where he established prototype facilities for the expansion of a national chain of hear care and hear ware centers.

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