Dubi Raz, M.Sc.
Corporate Agronomy Director
Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot – Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dubi Raz is the Corporate Agronomy Director of Netafim, Israel's irrigation solutions powerhouse that developed world-renowned drip irrigation systems. Netafim is now the global leader in drip irrigation while also providing control systems, greenhouse monitoring and management technology. Netafim has a presence in over 100 countries and employs over 4,000 people striving to grow more with less. This technology has enabled Israel to make the desert bloom.

Mr. Dubi Raz has a B.Sc. in soil and water resources as well as a M.Sc. in plant protection from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment. Through seventeen years with Netafim, Mr. Raz has overseen large scale projects in Israel and internationally.

From 2000 to 2003 in the Xinjiang Province of China, Raz's work resulted in 10,000 hectares of drip irrigated cotton. Between 2005 and 2011, Mr. Raz was heavily involved in the Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Project, a massive initiative in India's 10th largest state to implement micro irrigation in order to conserve water resources, cultivate with energy efficiency, increase crop quality and boost productivity. During these years, Mr. Raz saw over 247,000 hectares grown by smallholders. He saw that drip irrigation was far more effective and efficient than flood irrigation. In 2008, Raz helped rural Chinese farmers develop vertical farming techniques and transition to urban agro-housing solutions. In addition, through 2006 and 2011, Mr. Raz took his agribusiness talents to India, Vietnam, China, and Thailand where he worked on sugar cane, rice, and vegetable projects based on gravity irrigation for smallholders. He also ventured to Orlando in 2010 for the Produce Marketing Association's convention where he spoke at the water symposium. Recently, Raz has overseen the implementation of customized irrigation systems in the mushroom growing industry that have seen increases in yields and conservation while reducing energy costs.

Mr. Raz's expertise has enabled both smallholders and large companies to maximize crop yields and environmental friendliness while minimizing waste and harmful ecological effects. He has taken on numerous positions at Netafim; including R&D, knowledge management, and agronomic marketing as well as worldwide sales support.

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