Dr. Yasmin Hurd is Professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience and Pharmacological Sciences as well as the Ward Coleman Chair of Translational Neuroscience at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York, USA. She is an internationally renowned scientist whose translational research examines the neurobiology of drug abuse and related psychiatric disorders. Dr. Hurd is highly published in the field in high impact journals and leads a team of investigators in molecular biology, behavioral neuropharmacology, genetics and neuroimaging to study the human brain as well as translational animal models

A significant focus of her research relates to the effects of cannabis and heroin on the brain. Her pre-clinical research is complemented with clinical laboratory investigations evaluating the therapeutic potential of novel medications such as the use of specific phytocannabinoids in the treatment of psychiatric disorders including opioid abuse where she has pioneered studies about the effects of cannabidiol.
In addition to her research endeavors, Dr. Hurd is the Director for the Center for Addictive Disorders within the Mount Sinai Behavioral Health System which covers one of the largest addiction populations in the USA providing clinical care supported by science-based medicine and advanced state-of-the-art research.

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