Dr. Roni Sharon

Neurologist & Pain Specialist

Dr. Sharon is a board certified neurologist practicing in the USA and Israel. He is director of headache and facial pain at Sheba Medical Center in Israel. He did his fellowship training Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, USA and his residency training at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York, USA. His medical degree is from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Dr. Sharon has published in neurology’s top journals and written multiple book chapters. He has lectured around the world on the topic of preventative brain health in English, Hebrew and Spanish and is currently a lecturer at Tel Aviv University on the topics of neurology, headache and pain medicine.

Dr. Sharon has extensive clinical experience in medical marijuana as a prescribing doctor for various neurological conditions since 2014 in the USA and 2018 in Israel. He also serves as a consultant for companies engaged in the development of novel devices and applications in addition to preclinical and clinical research in medical marijuana. He is medical director of Cannigma, a medical cannabis educational portal, providing evidence based research and information for medical marijuana to patients and medical professionals.

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