Dr. Daniel Tumwine

Founding President & CEO
International Paediatric Group

Dr Daniel Tumwine is a paediatrician and businessman with a strong bias towards private sector-led Health Care Improvement. Upon graduation, Daniel immediately joined the Regional Centre for Quality of Health Care, a prestigious training and research institute hosted by Makerere University, Uganda whose remit is to improve the quality of health care in Africa through innovative solutions. Working with ministries of health, private and public multinational health and training institutions, he was responsible for initiating and executing a quality improvement agenda in thirteen East and Central African countries through a vast array of innovative and next generation quality improvement initiatives.

Daniel is the Founding President of the International Paediatric Group (IPG), a vehicle that outsources child health experts, carries out training and research and also runs the first franchise of purely private sector children’s clinics in Uganda. IPG has recently entered the nascent medical cannabidiol space in Uganda and has been a strong advocate for legalization of cannabidiol derived therapeutic products, particularly for use in management of refractory paediatric seizure conditions.

He currently serves as the first Uganda Paediatric Association Executive Director where among other achievements, he helped draft standards on patient safety in Uganda. He has provided technical support to public and private sector health actors in improvement of child health care.  As an indefatigable advocate for improving quality of child care in the African region, Daniel was instrumental in setting up the Eastern African Pediatric Association (EAPA) where he acts as its General Secretary to ensure uniform quality of care standards for child health are developed and replicated along the Eastern African sea and lake board countries.

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