Director, Pediatric Neurology Unit
Shaare Tzedek Medical Center

Prof. Aran has combined basic science with bedside clinical observations, most recently researching the genetic basis of familial microcephaly in a local cohort and uncovering the affected protein and its function. Prof. Aran has also focused efforts on understanding the therapeutic effects of CBD-based medical cannabis in neurocognitive disorders, including ASD. The dramatic clinical effect seen in some cases has led to further exploration of the potential benefits, and possible risks, of cannabinoids, particularly in children. Dr Aran initiated studies exploring the effects of medical cannabis on epilepsy and ASD and is the lead researcher of the world's first clinical study on the efficacy & safety of cannabis for autism. Dr Aran serves as a consultant to the Ministry of Health for medical cannabis, indications and use in children and spends much time educating physicians and lay audiences on the subject.

  • Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel MD 1999 Medicine
  • Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel M.Sc 1998 Biochemistry
  • Department of Psychiatry, Stanford Univ. CA. Host: Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2009 Sleep Disorders
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