Doron received his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University Jerusalem in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1987 and held a post doctoral position at the School of Pharmacy Ann-Arbor, Michigan in Prof Gordon Amidon's laboratories. In 1990 Dr Friedman was lecturer at the School of Pharmacy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem college of engineers and in 1991 joined the founding team of Pharmos Corp. as laboratory manager and later on as Director of Pharmaceutical Development of Pharmos Corp N.Y. At Pharmos, Dr. Friedman was responsible for New Chemical Entities development for the US and EU markets and for developing CMC file submissions to the FDA.

Dr. Friedman was co-founder at Foamix Ltd in 2003 (FOMX NASDAQ). Dr. Friedman served as Foamix CTO until 2008 where he managed joint pharmaceutical product development with major pharmaceutical companies. He was also responsible for CMC files and Pre-IND report submissions to the FDA, and scale-up and production of clinical and pre-marketing batches with sub contracts manufacturing. Since January 2009, Dr. Friedman was VP R&D of Lipocure Ltd, a Yissum Hebrew University Company that develops Injectable nano liposomal chemotherapy products, where he was responsible for tech transfers and bringing new products to clinical studies.

Dr. Friedman is the author of more than eighty (80) granted patents and patent families and over twenty (20) peer reviewed published articles and numerous presentations and patents in the area of Novel Drug Delivery Systems. He is a recognized expert in bio-pharmaceutics, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical formulation, oral drug absorption and bio-availability and the inventor of Bouch&Lomb Lotemaxâ„¢ formulation and topical foams marketed by Dr Reddy`s labs and Bayer Corp.

Dr. Friedman’s industrial experience entails managing pharmaceutical R&D, product development and design of pre-clinical and clinical studies. Dr. Friedman also holds extensive experience in developing innovative delivery solutions of water insoluble and amphiphilic pharmaceuticals. He has more than 25 years of experience.

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