Dan Berman

Founder & CEO
PharmaCentra, Concentra Solutions, & CannabisBPO

Dan Berman, Chairman and CEO of three sister companies, CannabisBPO, PharmaCentra and Concentra Solutions, has created, consulted and managed successful customer and patient customer relationship management programs for Fortune 100 companies for over 25 years.

Dan helped revolutionize the patient compliance industry with the creation of WellTouch™, an innovative contact management program that transformed the way patients communicate with physicians and pharmaceutical manufacturers for better health outcomes. His contributions have earned him a reputation as a recognized leader in the industry. Dan also designed the first contact center quality assurance and compliance tool that used the internet as a central repository for interaction data, his vision became the model for the industry still to this day. As an expert in customer experience, customer journey and brand protection, he harnessed the key aspects of his other companies and founded CannabisBPO which is a 24/7/365 contact center providing sales, customer service, education and help desk for the cannabis sector.

Dan holds a B.S. degree in broadcast journalism from Ithaca College in NY and is an accomplished vocalist. He is connected to the community through numerous charitable and civic organizations. Dan resides in Atlanta with his wife, Lauren, and their three sons.

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