Founder & CEO
Constance Therapeutics

Constance Finley is founder and CEO of Constance Therapeutics, a California Proposition 215 compliant medicinal cannabis company inspired by her personal experience with medicinal cannabis as a means to manage symptoms caused by a rare autoimmune disease. Constance Therapeutics works alongside healthcare professionals to provide patients with the best possible treatment options, including high-quality, whole-plant cannabis oils developed through a stringent, science-informed and patent-pending extraction method.  Finley sits on various advisory boards, including an assignment to the Scientific Advisory Board for CannaTech.  Prior to Constance Therapeutics, Finley was founder and CEO of Housing Allies, Inc., where she pioneered the use of tax credits to create low-income housing for the working poor and ill. Finley holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the University of San Francisco and a Bachelor of Arts in Eastern Studies and Psychology from Lone Mountain College in San Francisco.


About Constance Therapeutics
Constance Therapeutics is a vertically integrated medicinal cannabis company producing standardized and science-based whole-plant cannabis extracts. The company has created a new category of whole-plant cannabis extracts that fills the gap between traditional pharmaceuticals and commonplace cannabis products, providing much needed additional treatment options to physicians and their patients. Constance Therapeutics' extracts are derived from fully trimmed, female unfertilized cannabis flowers of plants with known genetics using certified-organic, pharmaceutical-grade ethanol via a highly controlled, quantitatively-defined and patented process that is based on solid scientific and engineering principles. Extracts are systematically third-party tested and routinely cross-tested in the industry's most respected laboratories. Since 2008, the company has employed stringent, science-based processes and standards to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Constance Therapeutics' cannabis extracts are available exclusively for therapeutic use and can only be purchased by registered California patients, in keeping with Proposition 215, and California Senate Bill 420. For further information, visit:

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