Clara Cecilia Norell

Co-Founder & CEO

Clara Norell, Co-Founder & CEO of NOHAK -Nordiska Hampa Kompaniet (Nordic Hemp Company), growing industrial hemp in Sweden. Clara is a visionary entrepreneur and creative innovator with a strong network that spans the world. A Construction Engineer – educated in Sweden, at Malmö University and in South Africa at Cape Technikon Peninsula University.

Clara Co-Founded and established SSACC – Swedish – Southern African (now Sub-Saharan) Chamber of Commerce 2013 She is a creative consultant with Kivik Art Centre and their ”Build Art/Land Arc Kids” and Inno Carnival Skåne as current clients – teaching children and young about sustainable architecture, Convention on the Rights of the Child, societal development and the role of arts & culture for a sustainable urban and rural development. Implementing the 17 sustainable development goals within Agenda 2030. Besides that she co-owns a record label, Illegyal Records focusing on female and non-binary artists, and is the Founding Director of her context-event production company Xpress Yourself!

Clara recently co-founded and is the CEO of Nordiska Hampa Kompaniet – NOHAK, to grow industrial hemp in Sweden. NOHAK is one of the largest industrial hemp farms in Sweden, with a vision to contribute to sustainable development using the unique abilities of industrial hemp. We do this by supplying the industry with raw materials which, being biobased, are great for the environment and to use as a component when designing climate neutral products and innovations with negative carbon footprint. Several heavy industry sectors can benefit from the versatility of hemp, such as the building-and furniture, fashion/textille, automotive, cosmetica industry as well as the food industry, for both human and animal consumption, demanding a more plantbased food.

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