Charles Feldmann

Founding Partner and CEO

Charles Feldmann, Esq. serves as a trusted adviser for the cannabis industry’s largest and most successful businesses on an international scale. His international consulting company, Gateway Proven Strategies, builds profitable strategies and guides the deployment of capital.

Feldmann’s past experience as a Marine Corps federal prosecutor, DEA Drug Task Force Commander and state narcotics prosecutor serves to assist his clients in establishing strict regulatory compliance protocols at both the state, federal and international levels. His expertise is instrumental to his clients achieving DEA-level compliance in the world of ever-changing US state and federal rules and regulations and ensures strict international compliance for his client’s marijuana and hemp import/export businesses.

Mr. Feldmann has worked with marijuana and hemp clients in almost all of the US states that have legalized cannabis as well as in the currently expanding hemp marketplace. His expertise for new medical and recreational marijuana regulatory programs has been sought out by US state legislative branches and governments across the globe.

Mr. Feldmann also serves as the Vice-Chair to the Cannabis Law and Policy General Committee for the American Bar Association. He is a former lecturer and instructor for the Department of Defense, National College of District Attorneys, and US Armed Forces. In his free time he writes for numerous industry publications and is an avid novelist.

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