International Relations

Benjamin cares for one thing: To secure high quality standards for cannabis products around the globe. As Head of International Relations for Boveda, the global leader in 2-way humidity control, he is at the center of this movement, as water activity is one of the most dominant factors for product quality and safety. Boveda, celebrating over 20 years in business, produces a very natural, reliable, stable, safe and at the same time inexpensive and disposable device that controls humidity levels by adding and removing water content within any type of closed container.

Prior to his engagement at Boveda, Benjamin’s career included a turn as a product and marketing specialist. Prior to his studies, he designed his first online projects in 1999 which lead him to different roles for big agencies and corporations alike. In 2006 he took a leap of faith and joined a friend in his freshly founded start-up and stayed in this ecosystem founding two companies of his own. The most recent one, Noblego, is today one of the leading European retailers of cigars and premium tobacco products. Benjamin lectured at University level, wrote one of the best-selling cigar books in German language and acts as speaker and activist for consumer rights groups. He now takes his experiences from a highly regulated tobacco market to bring high-quality cannabis medicine to anyone who needs it, no matter location.

Benjamin holds a Diploma (B.Sc.Hons.) in Media Management from Wiesbaden University as well as a Masters in Marketing from renowned French Business School EDHEC. He speaks fluent German, English, French and Spanish at a respectable level. Benjamin lives in Berlin with his wife and son, spends too much money on sneakers and is still a die-hard supporter of his home football club Eintracht Frankfurt.

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