CannaTech Podcasts

Listen to hosted podcasts featuring iCAN, CannaTech and Saul

DANK Discussions Podcast with Maynard Breslow March 2020

Seth Adler interviews Saul – Cannabis Economy Episode #123


Saul interviewed in Cape Town South Africa at the international CannaTech event that took place in November 2019.  

Saul interviewed as one of the fastest growing cannatech businesses. 

Saul is interviewed by Rina, Being nimble in the cannabis space

Mark Goldhar: Google doesn’t exist yet in the cannabis space

Cannabis Economy Episode #506 Hosted by Seth Adler

CannaTech Conference Series: Eyal Barad, CEO Cannabics Pharmaceuticals 

All About Israel Cannabis Innovation and CoWorking

CannaTech Conference Series: Dr. Haleli Sharir, Principal Scientist at Cannabics Pharmaceuticals 

CannaTech Conference Series: Tahira Rehmatullah, Managing Partner of Hypur 

Episode #27: Entrepreneurship in the Cannabis Space with Saul Kaye from iCAN 

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