WATCH: Montel Williams: Tales from the Trenches

WATCH: Montel Williams: Tales from the Trenches

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It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to tune into the personal story of a major media celebrity, up close and personal.

The CannaTech audience had such a privilege this past March as the incomparable Montel WIlliams took to the stage to share his story. While reflecting on Montel’s presentation, the words “He took us to church” come to mind; rare is the opportunity to hear such a deeply moving personal genesis story delivered with such presence and passion. It was a challenge for many of us to keep from calling out “PREACH!” from our chairs during his stage time. Sadly, his story is not all that uncommon: Montel became very ill, searched for help, became addicted to the conventional treatment options available, discovered medical cannabis and…guess what? His life changed. The nuance here is that he has leveraged his celebrity status to become an agent for change. Montel has served as a powerful advocate for safe patient access for the past 16 years, influencing legislation around the United States and inspiring patients and industry leaders across the globe.

He is a masterful presenter, with an powerful and emotional story. Learn about his 22 years of service in the US Marines and Navy, his first crippling bought of MS, his unfortunate fall into the tight grip of opiate addiction and his unrelenting drive to find safer options for himself and for others living with MS.

It is nothing short of an honor to have Montel as part of the CannaTech experience. We are grateful for his significant contributions to the medical cannabis industry. Enjoy this video.



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