VIDEO: From Seed to Pharma: The Birth of The “Cannaceutical”

Cannabis medicine.

Sounds simple enough…right? When you look up close, “under the hood,” you will note, that it’s really not so simple at all.

Cannabis is a plant with over 140 known compounds, each with their own function, their own qualities, and effectiveness.

So, how do we raise standards and produce dose-able, repeatable medicine when we’re dealing with a complex plant that varies within the same genomic strain from two different greenhouses and varies within the same plant depending on how, when, and from where you harvest the buds? How do we make it predictable? How do we control it? How do we make it safe?

Simply put: How do we make a quality product from an unpredictable agricultural growth process?

Dr. William “Billy” Levine, CEO of CannaRx, addresses these questions and more in his presentation at CannaTech 2017 in Tel Aviv He articulates the complexities of producing pharma-grade medical cannabis, helps us understand the challenges that face us as we pivot from mainstream pharmaceuticals to “cannaceuticals”. And…he shares strategies, based on CannaRx’s experience and clinical practice for safe, and smart solutions.

CannaRx’s company mission is to develop high-quality pharmaceutical and analytical products utilizing the cannabis plant by leveraging the patented technology and established botanical expertise of Izun Pharma Limited.

In other words, they use modern science and tech tools to deliver high-quality cannabis medicine.

We are very pleased to introduce you to Dr. Bill Levine. He is a wealth of information, a real “doer” and a wonderful human. Dr. Levine will be a spotlight speaker on our CannaTech stage this October 26th in London, England.

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